UA Local 469 Endorses Candidates for the August 4 Primary

UA Local 469 PAC is endorsing worker-friendly candidates for U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Arizona State Legislature, state-wide positions and municipal positions.

The primary election is Tuesday, August 4.

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Mail-in ballots should be mailed by Wednesday, July 29.

UA Local 469 Welcomes New Apprentices

UA Local 469 swore in 86 new apprentices on Wednesday, May 27. Skilled building and construction  workers have been recognized as essential personnel during the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And as our nation plans its economic recovery, skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen will be needed on infrastructure and construction projects. We’re excited to train a new generation of skilled workers who will continue our union’s commitment to craftsmanship and professionalism. Congratulations to our new brothers and sisters.

Business Manager Aaron Butler Talks About Local 469’s Response to COVID-19

Business Manager Aaron Butler has a special video message for all of our Local 469 Brothers and Sisters about how the union is dealing with COVID-19. In the message he provides an update on affected jobs and members, expanded benefits, contract negotiations, office and training center closures, federal benefits, critical workers, relationships with contractors, concerns about job site safety, and the opportunities for Local 469 to remain strong in the coming months and years. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Brother Butler or the other Business Agents who will answer any questions you have.

Local 469 Hall: 602-956-9350
Aaron Butler: 602-291-8420
Rick Hudson: 602-695-0645
Mel Ingwaldson: 602-291-8419
Tony Gauthier: 480-228-4420
Mark Gallego: 602-540-3883
Dean Van Kirk: 602-320-7684

U.A. Local 469 COVID-19 Pandemic Update – Actions Taken to Protect Our Members from UA Local 469 on Vimeo.

H&W Trust Fund Improves Benefits During COVID-19 National Emergency

Brothers and Sisters:

The COVID-19 National Emergency affects all of us in one way or another. We are in this fight together.

To help Arizona Pipe Trades Health and Welfare Trust Fund participants understand how the Fund is improving benefits and access to care during this time, I have attached a participant notice. This notice will be mailed to your homes next week.   DOWNLOAD NOTICE

The Fund will be covering the cost of all COVID-19 testing at 100%. The Fund will also cover all IN NETWORK office visits, urgent care visits, and emergency room visits specific to COVID-19 testing at 100%. As the attached notice indicates, please use Cigna Open Access Plus providers to protect you and our Fund from possible overcharges for these services.

The Trustees continue to review the benefits with the objective of protecting you from out of pocket expenses related to COVID-19 testing and office visits. We understand there are situations where your employer may require you to get a medical release if you show any COVID-19 symptoms or you may have come in contact with someone exposed to COVID-19.

In most cases, your physician will submit a bill to the Fund indicating this was a COVID-19 related visit. If you are eligible for benefits, the cost for that visit will be reimbursed at 100%. In some situations, your physician may not indicate the office visit was COVID-19 related. The Trustees have revised the Fund to cover these employer required visits and any testing associated with the visit at 100% as well. This will not always work as smoothly as we would like. There will be times when the physician may not indicate this is a COVID-19 related visit. When that happens, the Fund Office will work with you and your employer and make sure this is covered at 100%.

This is a very fluid situation and we are monitoring it on a daily basis. The Trustees have scheduled a meeting again next week. We will be discussing additional COVID-19 legislation that is being considered this week.

Thank you for your help during these challenging times.

Aaron Butler
Business Manager
U.A. Local Union #469

Renewal of Active Certifications During COVID-19 Outbreak

March 23, 2020

Message from Business Manager Aaron Butler Regarding Renewal of Members’ Certifications

Due to the extenuating circumstances brought about by the Coronavirus (COVID‐19) outbreak, the UA General Office will be implementing measures to address the renewal of members’ certifications associated with the various UA Certification Programs (such as welding, rigging, valve, instrumentation, foreman, etc.). Until further notice, the UA will not suspend or expire any of our members current active certifications.

Statement from Business Manager Aaron Butler Regarding COVID-19

March 18, 2020

Brothers and Sisters:

As things progress with COVID-19, I wanted to reach out and let you all know what actions the hall is taking to protect our members:

  • Effective today, we are kicking off our food bank for members that may be impacted or quarantined due to the virus. All NON-PERISHABLE donations should be dropped off at the Training Center loading dock and will be distributed from the same location as needs arise. Please donate anything you won’t need for the foreseeable future. Currently, baby formula is in short supply and we could use any that you may have. To donate to the 469 food bank, contact the Training Center at 602-269-8213 to schedule your drop-off during business hours.  DISTRIBUTION TO THE MEMBERSHIP WON’T BE AVAILABLE UNTIL THE BANK IS FILLED.
  • The Local 469 “Just Fore Fun” Golf Tournament has been postponed. We are working on pinning down a date in the Fall to host it. If you have paid to participate and would like a refund, please contact Rick Hudson at extension #1017.
  • At this point, the Local 469 Annual Fishing Tournament will proceed as planned unless the forest service shuts down.
  • On a directive from the U.A. General President, ALL Union meetings and training classes have been suspended through the month of May.
  • Intel is in the process of installing more of the smaller lunch tents onsite to reduce the amount of people in the same space at the same time. They will also be working expanded shifts to lessen congestion.
  • Banner Hospitals will be taking temperatures at all entry points. If your temp exceeds 99.7 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be asked to stay home until you are fever-free for 48 hours.

The H&W Trustees are preparing for an emergency meeting to discuss the expansion of short-term disability terms for anyone forced to stay home from work. We will also be discussing allowing access to 401K hardship withdrawals for individuals affected by the virus. I will send an update e-mail once we have more information.

Please keep in mind that our top priority is to ensure our members continue to be allowed to work in a safe environment and provide for their families during these difficult times.

If you would like to respond to this, please send your e-mail to

In Solidarity,
Aaron Butler
Business Manager
U.A. Local Union #469