Change in Statement Delivery for Retirement Plan Participants

Starting in Q1-2021, John Hancock is changing the way it delivers quarterly statements to the retirement plan participants. Participants will begin to automatically receive their quarterly statements online- a fast, secure and convenient way to access their quarterly statements from John Hancock.

Download the John Hancock Information Sheet

Five things that are important to know:

  1. If participants have previously opted out of online statement delivery, they will continue to receive paper statements.
  2. If participants have not actively made a delivery preference decision to receive paper statements for their Q1 2021 statement delivery, they will be opted into online only statements and will no longer receive statements in the mail.  But, they can always request that their preference be changed back to mailed paper statements by going online or by calling the John Hancock call center.
  3. For all future online statements, participants will need to be registered online and have an email address on file, to receive an email notification when their quarterly statement is available.
  4. Newly enrolled participants will need to register online to view their statement and receive an email notification when their quarterly statement is available.
  5. Lastly, John Hancock will be sending a second notice  to participants in late winter reminding them that their Q1 statement will be fulfilled electronically, and also to remind them how to change their delivery preference if they would like to continue to get statement via mail.

Reminder:  Participants always have the option to continue to receive a mailed paper statement by visiting the website or by calling our Call Center.


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