Your Help Is Needed to Secure the Future of UA Apprenticeship Programs


PLEASE TAKE ACTION TODAY! The UA spends $250 million each year on training. In doing so, we’ve created the best workforce in the world of piping professionals. We’re Built on Excellence and that’s rooted in our apprenticeship training. We get the job done on time and on budget because of the level of skill our members bring to every job.

Now greedy anti-union contractors want to destroy our apprenticeship programs so they can cut corners and boost their own profits. They want the DOL to undermine every element of our apprenticeship programs.


Don’t let them be the loudest! Have your voices heard and stop the assault on our training programs.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Every UA member knows the importance of our apprenticeship programs and how they build the best tradespeople in the industry. BUT, greedy anti-union contractors want to destroy them! See attached for more information and HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD BY the DOL NO LATER THAN AUGUST 26TH!

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